Computer Science & Programming

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Computer Science & Programming


Course: Computer Science & Programming

>> Computer Science and Programming : Historical Development, Computer Generation, Computer Anatomy Different Components of a computer system. Operating System, hardware and Software.
>> Positional Number System. Binary to Decimal and Decimal to Binary. Other systems. Binary Arithmetic. Octal, Hexadecimal, etc. Storing of data in a Computer – BIT, BYTE, WORD etc. Coding of a dataASCII, etc.
>> Programming Language : Machine language, Assembly language and High level language, Compiler and interpreter. Object Programme and source Programme. Ideas about some HLL– e.g. BASIC, FORTRAN, C, C++, COBOL, PASCAL, etc.
>> Algorithms and Flow Charts– their utilities and important features, Ideas about the complexities of an algorithm. Application in simple problems.
>> FORTRAN 77/90: Introduction, Data Type– Keywords, Constants and Variables – Integer, Real, Complex, Logical, character, subscripted variables, Fortran Expressions.

Syllabus: B.Sc. Mathematics General courses 

University: All Indian Universities

Learning Objective:
>> Introduce students to Computer Science & Programming.
>> To develop programming skills using the fundamentals and basics of different programming languages 

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6 months

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Live & interactive CLASS


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